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Project Description

Modern DevOps Tools is based around building tools that uses recommended practices that will work inside of your continuous delivery cycle.

Currently in scope:

  Build Template:

    • Assembly Versioning
    • Branch Specification
    • Code Analysis
      • Cat.Net
      • FxCop
      • StyleCop
      • Code Metrics
      • SharePoint Dispose Check
    • Build Reports for Continuous Delivery
    • Email
    • Code Signing
    • Auto Deployments using DSC (Desired State Configuration)
    • Auto Deployments using RM (Release Management)
    • Quick Use Guide

Templates included:

    • TFS 2012
    • TFS 2013

Currently slated (being discussed):

  • Deployment Controller
  • Deployment Explorer

External References

Code Metrics Power Tool V11/V12
The current version of the Code Metrics Power Tool can be downloaded from the Microsoft Downloads site.

SPDisposeCheck -(SharePoint Projects)
 The current version of the SPDisposeCheck can be downloaded from the  SharePoint Dispose Checker site.
 The 2.0 CTP of Cat.NET can be downloaded from Microsoft Connect

FxCop 10
The FxCop can be downloaded from Microsoft Downloads site.

StyleCop 10
The StyleCop Assemblies are included in the downloads.


John Spinella (Microsoft), David Pitcher (InCycle), Casey O'Mara (Hitachi), Marcus Fernandez (Microsoft)


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